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Meet Isaac

After retiring from overseas police force after 19 years of service in the Bomb-Squad unit, my wife Tami and I have decided to come to New Zealand to enjoy what this beautiful country can offer.

Arriving to Wakefield early 2003, I decided to start a long awaited dream of building myself a full scale simulator in my garage – a project that took about 7 years to finish. As this was a very complicated process I needed some advice and wisdom – and found it in my next door British neighbor Phil, who has lots of amazing skills to be envy of.

Since parts were very costly to import, we decided we needed some more machinery and true to our nature we did them ourselves – and ended up with three CNC routers and two Laser machines.

Phil was exploring a few different avenues, and ended up making beautiful things like earrings, necklaces, boxes, clocks and even a big Eifel Tower to name a few. I thought it was time other people enjoyed Phil’s gift, along with my idea of making special frames for gifts, puzzles and pictures.

Meet Phil

Brenda and I immigrated to Nelson in 2001, joining one of our daughters. Since then the rest of the family gradually immigrated and are now living within the Nelson area.

Whilst learning and increasing my knowledge and skill-set of CNC & Laser cutting with Isaac, I developed my own style, allowing me to create and give family members personalised and unique gifts.

With four of our five grandchildren being female, home-made jewellery ended up being the most requested out of the range of things I’ve made. As most of the earrings were unlike those available in New Zealand or elsewhere, their friends and other people asked where they bought them. Later I sold a number at markets until Covid arrived.

Isaac has been gently and sometimes not so gently nudging me into making some of my various ‘presents’ available online for some time now. I’ve now given in and this website shows some of what I make so that you can purchase should you wish to, along with Isaac’s special frames for gifts, puzzles and pictures.

I make things to learn new techniques and see people’s appreciation of unique gifts rather than mass produce a narrow range that gives my brain no challenge. I am more interested in continually refining designs to combine materials in different ways to produce unique items using mainly recycled Rimu, Lawson Cyprus and thin veneers of wood, Paua and other materials. The mix and range of materials I use within those designs are what makes them unique.

The use of the name ‘Gaga’ is not a reflection of my mental ability, but due to our eldest granddaughter mangling Grandad so that for the past 26 years I’ve been known as ‘Gaga’ to her and to the rest of the grandchildren.

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