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My Framing Story

How did it all start you may ask ?

After returning from Canada in December 2019, covid-19 hit the world, lockdown was in place, and Tami got bored. Looking for something to do, we picked up few 1000 pieces puzzles for her to do. We started with two – ended up with 6…

After some time, Tami got the idea they should be framed, and like most of her ideas – they fall on me. Asked in town for price – my jaw dropped !

As I was not going to pay that much money, I decided to look for a framer who will sell me some wood material for making frames, and lucky for me I have found a very nice man by the name of Chris – who was ready to sell me a few meters of wood for 5 $…

Looking at his shop – I made a jest of asking Chris whether he would like to sell few of his machines, and to my total surprise – he said YES. After negotiating for about 10 seconds we agreed on price, which I can reveal now was almost the same cost for framing Tami’s 6 puzzles…go figure.

So I hooked Phil to the task – took my trailer and brought the machines to Wakefield – and here they are for you to see:


The first machine is a Guillotine – which has 2 VERY sharp knives setup to make perfect 45 degrees smooth cut. I was always puzzled by how can framers achieve that kind of smooth cut that joins almost perfectly? I tried that with saws – never got even close. The machine is operated by the muscle of my RH foot – no power, no motor – simple but effective. The knives can move forward and backwards so the cut is made in about 5 stages not to stress the blades.




The second machine is called “Underpinner” – which is basically a stapler that drives specials shape staples from the back of the frame. This machines uses air to operate by a pedal.

The result is really impressing and we use as backup special glue to bind the frames bits together.








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